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The Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

Time:2014-05-30Source:深圳市pokerroom 科技有限公司Views:1537Print

Dear all colleagues:
Dragon Boat Festival is coming, in combination with the actual situation of company, now will be arranged during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice as follows:
In 2014, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, a total of 3 days.Among them, May 31 (Saturday) normal general holidays.June 1 international children's day (Sunday) normal rest;On June 2nd (Monday, on the day of the lunar dragon-boat festival) is a statutory holiday, June 3 (Tuesday) to work.Please each department head in advance the security check;Colleagues need to go out during the holiday, please pay attention to safety protection, avoid accidents.
I wish you all my colleagues a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance!
Notice is hereby given that the
                                                                                                         Ensemble management department
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