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Heliport lights - approach lights system

Time:2014-08-05Source:深圳市pokerroom 科技有限公司Views:1142Print

When an optimization approachdirection as desirable and feasible, the heliport airfield approach lightingsystem should be set.
Location:approach the direction of the lighting system must be in located on the optimizationapproach on a straight line.
Features:approach lighting system should be such as a row spacing of 30 m of threelights and a length of 18 m away from the final approach and departure area ofaround 90 m side-by-side lights.Of thehorizontally light lamp should be practical in a horizontal line, at rightangles to the centerline lights and its share, its span is 4.5 m.When you need to make a final approach routesmore apparent, should be outside the horizontally lamp to 30 m uniform spacingadd additional lights.Side-by-sidelights outside lights according to the surrounding environment, can be aconstant light intensity, can also be a flash of sequence.
Note:due to the surrounding light and difficult to recognize approach lightingsystem, the order of flash can be useful.
Aconstant light intensity light must be a full range of white light.
Orderthe flash must be a full range of white light.
Heliportflash should have a flash frequency per second, the light intensitydistribution should be as shown in figure 5-11, in 3 cases.Flash order should be started, the outside lightlamp to rank.Should include a properbrightness controller to adjust the light intensity, satisfy the environmentalconditions.

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