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Sign of mandatory signs at the airport

Time:2014-07-31Source:深圳市pokerroom 科技有限公司Views:1320Print

The ground of the airport thereare six kinds of signs: mandatory signs, signs, direction signs, destinationsigns, information signs, signs and runway remaining distance.
A. thesigns for the red white instructions:
1. The runway or critical section and entrance and;
2. Noaircraft into a no-fly zone.
B.typical mandatory signs and application.
1. The runway waiting for some sign, this kind of sign in fellowship with the runwayor taxiway at the intersection of or the edge of the runway.Sign on the front and the current taxiway or therunway of the intersection of the runway number.Sign onthe line Numbers and the corresponding runway head in the same direction."15 to 33, for example," indicating therunway 15 head on the left side runway 33 on the right.
(a) ifthe taxiway is intersect with the between takeoff runway or cross, then sign ononly one runway, elsewhere should have two runway number of instructions.
(b) iftwo cross runway, taxiway across the wait sign shall mark the serial number ofthe runway at the same time and the direction of the general, arrow next to therunway number, indicating the direction of which is between the runway.
(c)taxiway waiting for some sign beside the taxiway waiting point marker on thetaxiway.When used to control"wait" after landing runway or used as taxiway waiting for sign inand wait for the mark line adjacent on the runway.

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