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Double aviation obstruction light

Time:2014-07-17Source:深圳市pokerroom 科技有限公司Views:1197Print

Aviation obstruction light isdivided into single and double difference, when there is no single coupletaviation obstruction light can satisfy the demands of civil aviationregulations luminescence and the warning role, you need to double the use ofaviation obstruction light.
Doubleaviation obstruction light, from the analysis on the appearance is a light bodyon two separate light source, the difference between each other and connectwith each other.Because it is twoseparate light source, in flash frequency and keep products under the conditionof invariable intensity, obstacle lights in actual flash operation than thesingle lamp.And whether single ordouble aviation obstruction light, obstacle lights flash can glaring impact forpilots.
Chinaguangfa double aviation obstruction light with light intensity in the doubleaviation obstruction light and low light intensity double aviation obstructionlight, at the same time, including solar aviation obstruction light up fromheight, only the light intensity and low light intensity.Did not have strong specular double aviationobstruction light.In the relevant civilaviation regulations and product process does not allow, highlights the strongaviation obstruction light does not need to double aviation obstruction light.
Doubleaviation obstruction light than single aviation obstruction light strikingrole, suggested to use in the iron tower, elevated, chimney on the aviationobstruction.

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