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Obstruction light effect

Time:2014-06-03Source:深圳市pokerroom 科技有限公司Views:1168Print

Obstacle lamp installation and use are fairly strict standard of China civil aviation civil airport lamps and lanterns, the installation of aviation obstruction light exactly what kind of role?
Obstacle lights just as its name implies is installed on the obstacles of lamps and lanterns, and aviation obstacle lamp is installed on the obstacles for a kind of special civil airport auxiliary aircraft flight safety lamps and lanterns.Its main role is to assist aircraft flight safety include: aircraft taking off and landing, the aircraft flying in the process of flight safety, particularly in air flight vehicle, the role of the aviation obstruction light more prominent and obvious.
In low altitude, the air quality and the reason of the visual range, some artificial or natural obstacles such as buildings, it is easy to cause great hidden danger to aircraft flight safety, therefore, need to sign and/or lighting obstacles.But for a sign of obstacles and/or lighting is used to mark the presence of obstacles in order to reduce the harm of aircraft, does not necessarily reduce obstacles to navigation.
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